Department of Avionics

Department of Avionics is the industry leading training in the latest technologies for operation, maintenance and repair of aviation electronics ( avionics) , which is now the foundation of modern equipment onboard aircraft.

Modern aircraft - a highly sophisticated engineering, that thousands of celestial roads connecting cities, countries and continents. The extreme complexity of their due, above all, the fact that they are autonomous objects that carry their direct task - transport people , mail and baggage performance of aerial work apart from normal operating conditions - the Earth.

The main thing on the aircraft - a highly computerized equipment and by which provided flights to any altitude, day or night, in bad weather , at any latitude, and carried out continuous monitoring of the flight mode and condition board systems and complexes, solved complex problems and control the orientation of the airspace . Achieving almost all fields of knowledge and the latest high-end technologies used in the creation and operation of this extremely complex equipment.

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