About us

    Avionics Department is a leading for training specialists of advanced technology operation, maintenance, management, marketing, logistics, diagnostics and repair of aviation electronics (avionics), that is the basis nowadays of all modern onboard equipment of aircraft.


    25 scientific and pedagogical workers teach and are engaged in research at the department, including: 7 Doctors of Science, professors, 10 candidates of sciences, senior lecturers, 8 senior teachers and assistants.

    The department is equipped with modern teaching and laboratory basis, consisting of real examples of aviation equipment, modeling stands, computer labs and media audiences, technical training aids, etc.

    NAU creates the proper conditions that allow students not only  to successfully acquire knowledge of academic disciplines, but also to be actively engaged in creative work, participate in sports and cultural life of the university, relax.

   The department has the proper conditions for research activities of students: ther are post-graduate and doctoral studies, scientific research is held, and its results are reported at scientific conferences both in the NAU, and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad. Textbooks, manuals, monographs, dictionaries, reference books, research articles prepared by scientific-pedagogical staff of the department with students are published annually.

    The department supports tight contacts with the leading universities and institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, industrial and transport companies.

    Graduates of the department are successfully employed and work at the leading airlines in the world both in Ukraine and abroad, and are demanded experts in aircraft construction and aircraft repair enterprises in our country and neighboring countries.


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