Dear Friend!

You hold in your hands an invitation to join one of the most prestigious majors "Avionics".


     Modern aircraft - very complex engineering structures that connect cities, countries, continents through thousands ofcelestial roads.    

      Their extreme complexity can be explained,first of all,by fact that they are autonomous objects that fulfill their direct tasks - transporting people, mail and cargo, the implementation of aviation operations apart from the usual operating conditions of Earth.

     The main thing in the aircraft – is its computerized and highly automated equipment, which allows the flights at any altitudes, during day and night, in bad weather, at any latitude, and continuous monitoring of the flight modes, and resolvescomplicated chanllenges of control and orientation in the air ocean.

Achievements of almost all fields of knowledge and new high-capacity technologies are used in the creation and maintenance of this complex equipment.

      High speeds, unusual conditions, complex aviation equipment requir a high level of human knowledge and skills, courage, and sometimes unconventional solutions, clarity and decisiveness of actions, hardness and persistence in achieving goals, professional skills.

     Since time immemorial, people have dreamed of the sky. Passionate desire of man to rise to the sky reflected in mythology and folklore of many nations. The right to implement this primordial dream of man is given to you, my dear friend. For this purpose you just need to choose the direction of the most advanced aviation major, what we are waiting for in the avionics department and the university admission committee.


     Head of Avionics Department, professor, HonoredWorker of Education of Ukraine, academician and Honored Worker of Transport Academy of Ukraine

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  А.V. Skripets


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